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August 10th HOME FURNISHED AQUARIA - as Malcolm saw them. A nostalgic look back at Malcolm's judging of our home aquaria.

As expected, there wasn't a dry eye in the house as we joined our late friend Malcolm on his judging trip around some of our home aquariums.
What got most people was not just remembering Malcolm but seeing the aquarium owners - Bob Nelhams, Pete Caira and Vic Higgs -
who had also left us since these appearances.

Despite the lack of members present, it was a 100% satisfying evening for the rest of us, even allowing for the sadness.

July 27th Table Talk A truly mixed bag awaits description by their owners - what have they got in store for us from Class M?

One Ricefish and two Rainbowfish is the short answer, thanks to Barry and Pete. However the interest was just as great and
the 'production' of pictures on the screen found a reliable quality at last, so not all bad.

July 13th MY NEW AQUARIUM Peter Anderson describes his latest set-up.

What goes through a fishkeeper's mind when the opportunity to have a new aquarium arises?
Pete took us through all his thoughts (and subsequent actions) in proudly displaying his 'new bit of aquatic furniture' -
although this actually took place a little time ago, it still emerged as if it was only yesterday but, as Pete will often remark,
'I've been asleep since then!' Great yarn, Pete, with lots of things considered and solved.

June 29th Table Talk This will be our second attempt at our new venture with Catfishes (Classes G, H), Siamese Fighters (I), Rasboras (J), Danios (K)
and Loaches (L) on show to be talked about by their owners. A Table Lamp has been promised which should make things a little brighter!

Would we lie to you? The aforomentioned Table Lamp (operated skilfully by our newly-created Table Lamp Officer) made all the difference!
Thanks to Peter and Barry, we had a good number of fish on parade and each was accompanied from both sides of the floor by expert comments
on their care/breeding in captivity.

Despite a few absentees (Angie, Dave and holiday-taking Greg) it was an enjoyable evening.

June 15th Bring & Buy If you had to pick an activity that everyone had a reaction to, it's this one. You simply can't predict how it will progress -
will there be bargains, things of interest, and so on?

One bonus from tonight's event was the presence of a potential new member, John Lumb from Teddington, an ex-Uxbridge member. Many of us
were happy to remind him of our memories of Uxbridge members including Secretary Norman Lee and plant expert Ron Forder.

(Since the meeting John has sent this message: Lovely to see you all and that we had many friends in common. It was similar to how I remember things
40yrs ago. Take awhile to get into things and see how things are done before I can unleash chaos. See you again next time. John)

Due to our currently low membership, there was not the usual wide variety of goods for sale but the event put a little something back into Club funds,
we had a few good laughs and found we could still have en entertaing evening despite the limitations.

June 1st Well, it looked good in the planning session but, sadly, on the night the technicalities were not as good as we had hoped - blame Dick's jet-lag, if you like
(he also forgot to bring a Characins!). However, the principle was good and a better 'performance' is promised for the next round.

May 18th Due to several anticipated absentess, this evening's meeting was cancelled.

May 4th This meeting continued the search for a plan for the rest of the year, the culmination of which was the decision to convert our rgular
Table Show evenings into a 'Bring and Talk' event where instead of competing against each other. members would bring along the appropriate fish
(for the Classes on display) and talk about their experiences with them. After all, this activity is what non-fishkeeprs expect to happen at a Fish Club meeting.

April 20th Good to see an almost 'Full House' for our second meeting, with Barry back from holiday and Ashby after his encounter with Covid.

To get everyone back into the swing of things, we took a look at how 'normal' Club life used to be in 2008/9 with Open Shows, Boston Manor displays,
Club BBQ and a photographic evening. Naturally, these depictions brought back many fond and, with hindsight, sad memories but served a very imortant
purpose of getting the Club back on track. The traditional tea-break and Raffle completed the evening, although the jury's still out on deciding
activities for the rest of the year.

April 6th Well, we're back again and it only seems like nearly two years ago that we last met!

Sad to say, we've lost several members during that time for diverse reasons and we pay tribute to their memory and give thanks
for whatever contributions they brought to the Society.

It was unsurprising that the first meeting was not the dreaded 'Programme Planning' but, regrettably, it seemed that we all failed
to make the best use of the evening and mostly followed circular unresolved arguments - so much so that nobody was sure what would
occur at the next meeting! Boy, were we out of practice!

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