Established over 50 years ago, Hounslow & District Aquarist Society offers a wide range of interests for fishkeepers regardless of their level of experience.

Amongst the members are those well-practised in their chosen fishes -

some have built ponds, others are marine fanatics whilst the rest may just have a decorative tank in the lounge! Then there are the serious ones, always going on about what they've bred or what successes they've had at Shows around the country.

We're a sociable lot too, and during the year we have one or two favourite established outdoors activities which appeal to everyone:

An annual count up of fish, plants and water life in a stretch of a local stream - the fact we also have a picnic at the same time on the stream bank also explains its popularity! We send a report to the local Council so that they are kept up to date
                             with the condition of the stream and its inhabitants.

The marine equivalent of the Pond Hunt, this time relocated to the seaside when rockpools are scoured for their contents.

We supply help to the Federation of British Aquatic Societies' annual
Festival of Fishkeeping Weekend and the Middlesex Open Show.
It is from such Shows that we hope to attract new members.

During our fortnightly meetings we provide a programme of varied interests covering all aspects of fishkeeping; we have guest speakers, competitive Table Shows and Bring & Buy Sales (often in association with other Societies in the area) or activities thought up by the members.

At our ANNUAL OPEN SHOW, we play host to other Societies bringing their fishes along to exhibit.

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