Federation of British Aquatic Societies

Founded in 1938, the Federation of British Aquatic Societies (usually called the FBAS) is the governing body for the majority of aquatic Societies in the UK.

Primarily formed to establish standards for exhibiting fishes competitively, it soon developed into an all-embracing producer of informative materials about fishkeeping with regular releases of publications: varieties of fish and plant species; cross-referenced works of scientific names and common names (for freshwater and marine species), a reference work locating species information in commercially-available works and its best-selling National Fish Sizes.

For the benefit of Societies, it introduced a large range of audio-visual programmes including tape/slide lectures and video programmes covering all aspects of the hobby.

Over the years, the FBAS played a major part in co-presenting fishkeeping exhibitions in London and Birmingham and has entered into the realms of water-gardening with its major support for events such as the Chelsea and Hampton Court Palace Flower Shows, BBC Gardeners World Live! and various other gardening-based events.

An annual event is the Federation's own Supreme Festival of Fishkeeping held around October/November, This weekend event is the culmination to the fishkeeping year, coupling fish exhibitions with social activities.

Whilst only Societies qualify for membership, the Federation offers advise to all fishkeepers; a particularly useful service is that of providing location details of aquatic Societies in any part of the UK, and a regularly-published, regularly-updated calendar of fishkeeping events throughout the year. Societies have to opportunity to voice their views and to have a say in Federation policies as their delegates attend the four quarterly meetings held each year.

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