Where would we be without other friends who share our common interests in fishkeeping?

The exchange of information is probably the most important aspect of Club life, as each member learns from each other. The search for further information outside of the Club is also a rewarding one and, in the past, this was achieved by interchanges between other aquarists visiting our Shows and also by exchanging Newsletters with us.

Nowadays, we are more used to the 'instant' access to information via e-mail and the Internet and this is why we are pleased to recommend a number of websites well worth visiting.

Some may just be 'stepping stones' to an eventual contact at a local level. Others will offer the full 'bells and whistles' service of animated banners, galleries of aquatic pictures and huge amounts of articles and viewpoints.

Please visit the following (and evergrowing) links to further fishkeeping. These sites have generously offered to publicise us in return, so let's make full use of each other! Enjoy!

Aquatic Plant Resource

Reigate & Redhill A.S.

Practical Fishkeeping

Strood & D.A.S

West Cornwall Fishkeepers


Eastbourne & District
Pondkeeping Club

Isle of Wight A.S.                        Catfish Study Group (UK)        

Dunstable & District A.S.

                                       center Plymouth & District A.P.K.S

Corby & District A.S.

Visit Singapore's Qian Hu Fish Farm

Tropical Fish Finder    

Try here for that elusive fish book!

Try an American viewpoint at:    

If you've ever wondered what happened to all those Society members you used to know, perhaps from Societies now defunct, you can find out on a new site AQUARISTS REUNITED

You can obviously upload your whereabouts on this site too - but beware of ex-Show Secretaries looking for their Trophies back!

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