Here's a bit of fun for your Society's evening meeting.
It not only involves members, but tests their knowledge of fishkeeping; the element of chance introduces some excitement too.

You will need:

A projector or episcope; screen.

A collection of fishes and/or plant photographs (slides or prints), enough to match the number of members.
Two sets of numbered tickets - these will be used to randomly select a photograph from the selection and a member from the audience.
Give each photo a number.
Give each member a number.
Put the Photo numbers in one container, Members' numbers in another .

The Procedure (if you haven't already guessed by now):

The first part of the operation pairs randomly chosen photographs against randomly chosen Members.
The randomness of pairings of numbers is all part of the fun. Although Photo and Member numbers can be drawn in one operation, the suspense (and sense of anticipation) can be maintained by selecting Photo and Member numbers as you go along.

Draw out a number from each container.
Select the appropriately-numbered Photo from the selection and similarly select the Member.

NOTE: Photo numbers DO NOT have to match Member numbers.

Project the Photo.
The chosen Member then has to identify and describe the fish or plant, together with any personal experiences of keeping it.
When finished, the Member then draws the next Photo and Member numbers.

If the Member cannot provide enough (or any) information then open the discussion to all Members, before progressing with the next photograph.

Where will Lady Luck strike next? It could be YOU!

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